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LED Leuchten in der Lebensmittelverpackung


Be it over a wide area or spotlight – with LED technology the food industry and associated areas profit from our modern lighting solutions in an industrial environment.


Robust LED luminaires, ideal for the food & beverage sector

In addition to illuminating plant and working areas, our LED luminaires are also increasingly used in camera surveillance. The flicker-free lighting cast by the lights impresses in particular due to the high lighting intensity and the homogeneous illumination. The camera's vision radius is optimally illuminated and, if required, the luminaires can also be cycled via PWM.

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Slender, slimline and inconspicuous

The slender, yet extremely bright INROLED_25 complies the requirements of standards for food safety. It is produced exclusively from FDA-compliant materials ...


The ideal solution for use in the food & beverage sector

Resistant to chemicals, robust due to polycarbonate housing or stainless steel base body, hygienic and safe due to the use of FDA-compliant materials: With our standard LED luminaires INROLED_25, INROLED_50, and with OEM versions produced from stainless steel such as the TOPLED V4A, SPOTLED II V4A and VARILED V4A, we offer the ideal lighting for sensitive areas in the food & beverage sector. Our LED luminaires have been received by food producers, pharmaceutical packaging producers, and even the medical engineering sector, as economical alternatives to previous lighting technology.

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