Lighting made in Germany
LED hypbrid light STATUSLED for lighting and signaling in explosion view

LED signal lights

LED signal and hybrid luminaires

LED signal lights for attention and safety as well as bright, homogeneous illumination of work areas.

Our LED signal lights offer, in addition to the lighting function, flexible and diverse signal options for indicating conditions on machines, workstations or in industry. The range of LED signal lights includes CNC suitable machine lights, industrial lights encased in a protective tube and workstation lights for system workstations. Due to their robust design, especially the machine lights, but also the industrial lights, are able to meet high requirements.

The areas of application of LED signal lights and LED lights with additional signal function are manifold: Colored light is used to detect the condition of a machine or system or whether material is missing in an assembly line, even from a distance. A color change in the lighting creates clear attention.

LED signal lights provide colored light within the entire RGB color space, including mixed white light. LED luminaires with signal function (hybrid luminaires) are also densely packed with high-power LED chips for white light for homogeneous illumination. For signaling, the light color is changed by activating RGB LED chips installed in parallel.

The technology of LED signal lights

The advantage of our LED signal lights is: white light for illumination is generated by white light LED chips, while the colored light comes from RGB chips arranged in parallel. An exception is the SIGNALED II RGB, which as a pure LED signal light, only reproduces colored light based on the RGB color space and thus produces white light as a mixed color.

Key values of the LED signal lamps

  • High attention due to bright LED technology and large-area display
  • Maintenance-free
  • Circuit-independent service life
  • Protection class III
  • 36 months warranty
  • Space-saving design, thus easy installation even in tight spaces