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CAD data signal and hybrid luminaires

For your planning in your CAD program, we offer you the option of downloading the dimensional data of our signal and hybrid luminaires as *.step files, which you can import into your planning software.

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Auswahl Datei­name Datei­eigenschaften Beschreibung
SIGNALED II RGB - Signal lamp ZIP | 4.69 MB LED signal lamp SIGNALED II RGB, product no.: 111090-11, 111090-12, 111090-13, 111090-14, 111090-15, 111090-16, 111090-17 and brackets. CAD data of all variants and mounts packed in one ZIP file.
TUBELED_40 II RGB-W - Signal/hybrid luminaire ZIP | 1.60 MB LED signal/hybrid luminaire TUBELED_40 II RGB-W, product no.: 118190-01, 118390-01, 118590-01, 118690-01, 118190-02, 118390-02, 118590-02, 118690-02 and fixture 210200-06, 210200-11, 210200-12, 210200-14. CAD data of all variants and fixtures packed in one ZIP file.
INROLED_50 RGB-W Ecolab LED Signal/Hybrid Light ZIP | 3.79 MB LED signal/hybrid light INROLED_50 RGB-W, product no.: 110090-01, 110190-01, 110290-01 and brackets 210200-09 and 210200-17. CAD data of all variants and brackets packed in one ZIP file.
UNILED SL RGB-W - System and signal lamp ZIP | 9.60 MB LED system and signal light for system workstations UNILED SL RGB-W, product no.: 110994-11, 110994-12, 110994-13, 110994-14 and fixture 113200-01, 213200-02. CAD data of all variants and fixtures packed in one ZIP file.
TUBELED_25 Machine Light | Signal/Hybrid Light ZIP | 4.89 MB LED surface mounted luminaire TUBELED_25, product no.: 154590-01, 154490-01, 154390-01, 154290-01, 154190-01, 154090-01, 154510-01, 154410-01, 154310-01, 15210-01, 15110-01, 15010-01. CAD data of all variants packed in one ZIP file.
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