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We offer tested lighting solutions with high-quality LED technology to support demanding visual tasks in industry, as well as for autonomous systems. Exactly the right products for the best lighting conditions, for every visual task and every area - also for production lines operating autonomously with robots - is a significant factor that has long distinguished our luminaires.


Regardless of whether in the electronics, automotive or metalworking sectors, in assembly or in the workshop – LED luminaires for industry and workstations are indispensable wherever the best lighting conditions are needed in order to satisfy high quality requirements. Permanently installed, suspended or with moveable holders, the luminaires satisfy every demand.

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Illustration of LED industrial luminaire | LED tube luminaire | INROLED_50 by LED2WORK

Our industry best-seller

Light, robust and just 50 mm in diameter - the INROLED_50 is universally applicable in almost every sector ...


The LEDs we use are mercury-free and emit absolutely no UV or infrared radiation. Good contrast vision and high colour rendering are a matter of course with our LED technology.


The use of energy-efficient LED technology makes permanent illumination entirely feasible, also in autonomous areas such as those established with the increasing levels of automation and Industry 4.0, without this causing a dramatic rise in the costs of electricity. Furthermore, it has not only become possible but also expedient to illuminate the status of these autonomously operating areas of production plants with coloured light. Put succinctly, the light colour of the illumination signals whether the plant is in operation, or at a standstill, and whether a fault is present. This is made possible with the RGB und RGB-W status and signal luminaires, whereby RGB utilises the entire RGB colour spectrum for all light colours, whilst the RGB-W models produce white light for neutral illumination via additional white LED chips.


The best light for workplaces and plant areas in industry

Ergonomic luminaires for ergonomic working - that is our motto. Our LED workplace and industrial luminaires undergo constant new or further development with a view to improving light quality, lighting conditions and lighting atmosphere. Our constant focus on market requirements and lighting solutions for better vision and the associated health aspects make us a strong partner for workplace and industrial lighting.


Particularly well suited for testing work and quality assurance:

LED Articulated Arm Lights

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