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Machinery lighting

We, who have evolved and flourished with LED technology, have developed into a competent partner for LED machinery lighting. Thanks to the comprehensive range of different designs, our specialised LED machinery luminaires are employed in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector, in plant construction, automated stamping, plastic processing, electrical engineering and in many further industry sectors.


Our machinery luminaires are faced with the particular challenges that harsh production environments bring: resistant to cold and heat, leak-tight in relation to oil and coolant, as well as watertight - in accordance with the specified degree of protection. Even chip bombardment has no effect on the LED luminaires suitable for CNC applications.

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Our star amongst machine luminaires

Harsh production conditions, tight installation spaces and temperatures up to +60°C – in the machine room, the TUBELED_40 II is unbeatable ...


Connection to machinery or mains voltage is possible. Furthermore, the majority of luminaire variants are also available as cascadable versions; that means they are electrically interlinkable, starting from the first voltage-generating luminaire. The maintenance-free LED technology and the components used deliver an extremely long service life. The hallmarks of our LED machinery luminaires are robust aluminium housings, glare-free safety glass, and Viton® seals for a high degree of protection.

Integrated luminaires for machines

Internal machine lighting has taken a huge step forward with LED technology. Machine lighting has become more energy-efficient on the one hand, whilst it is also slimmer and less conspicuous. Despite the higher light output, there is now almost no lighting heat in the illumination area.

As an LED luminaire manufacturer, we subject our luminaires to continuous testing and inspections to ensure consistently high quality in all application areas. We combine light quality and energy efficiency for professional application within your industrial company.

Surface-mounted luminaires for machines

The latest versions of LED luminaires combine homogeneous, shadow and glare-free illumination of the working area with an additional signal function via colour change. With this, it is possible to use all colours of the RGB colour spectrum to signal machine statuses for example. The daylight white lighting is not affected here, because colours are produced by an additional integrated RGB light source with these luminaires. The luminaire receives the signal for the colour or light change via a PLC controller.

LED luminaires with signal function

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